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JLG Architect Interior Renderings

These are the interior design renderings from Architect JLG. North is left, East is on top.

Computers, Children’s Collections, Children’s Program Ares, Community Meeting Room, Bookmobile Garage


Enter the library off 1st Ave, on ground level, into the expanded Children’s Collection area and plenty of computers. (Tan) Step down into what is now the current lower level of Alfred Dickey (Grey), into the new Children’s Program Room, Stage, and plenty of computers. In the southwest corner is the new Community Meeting Room that will seat up to 70.  The New Bookmobile Garage is on the northeast side. 

Computers, Adult & Young Adult Collections, Study, Tech Classroom, Audio/Visual, Local History, Large Print, DVD’s.


The Third Level (Grey) which is the  current Alfred Dickey Adult collection,  houses the Adult Fiction Collection, Large Print Collection and Local History Collection in addition to the Drewello, in honor of Daphne, Reading Room. Step up to the Fourth Level (Tan) into the Adult Non-Fiction Collection, Periodicals and Reference area. There is a new Young Adult Collection with plenty of computers and an adjacent Tech Classroom. Other highlights in the Adult area include Archives for Stutsman County History, Study Rooms, Communication (Skype) Room,  lots of computers and plenty of comfortable places to read.


The Latest JLG Architect Rendering Is Now Our Header


Above is architect JLG’s rendering of the new James River Valley Library. The view is looking east across 1st Ave. at the corner of 3rd St.  The main entrance is on grade, no steps. Parking is on the north side of the addition.  

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The new library combines an approximate 17,000 sf state of the art addition to the renovated 11,000 sf Alfred Dickey facility. It takes advantage of today’s electronic innovations while preserving the beauty and heritage of the 1919 design.

The estimated cost of the new facility is $9,000,000. An initiative for a ¼% sales tax will be on the November 4th, 2014 ballot for city and county approval.  The ¼% sales tax will cost the average Stutsman County family $33.75 a year according to the state tax office.

The target date for the grand opening is September 1, 2016.

The primary service that the public library provides is as the center of a community’s learning network, a learning network that serves pre-school through high school, college through seniors. The library provides the tools for every Stutsman County child, teen, adult and senior to acquire new skills. The library helps people connect to commerce, government and each other, with new devices and technologies while providing printed materials and access to research archives.

The key word is “ALL.” Not every child or adult has access to the internet, a smart phone or tablet. The library is crucial to those who do not have access to the latest electronic device. The library provides a balance of traditional materials, printed books, and internet access for learning.

Think about Louis L’Amour at the beginning of his life as a constant visitor to the Alfred Dickey Library. He credits AD in Education of a Wandering Man with giving him the learning tools he needed to become one of America’s greatest writers.

The next Louis L’Amour could be the first person to walk into the new James River Valley Library.

The new library will act as a catalyst for revitalizing downtown Jamestown. Studies show that whenever a new library is opened, patronage goes up, circulation goes up and the rest of the neighborhood and the community become more attractive to new talent and investment dollars.

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The Latest Library Information

Preliminary Plan New James River Valley Library

During our blog hiatus, we have been working diligently on the new plans to renovate Alfred Dickey and build an addition on the current Maple Mall and Maranatha properties. The addition will reflect the beauty of the stone and brick Alfred Dickey exterior. Those renderings will be available shortly. The new design will honor the past by keeping the integrity of the current Alfred Dickey building and embrace the future with a state of the art addition.

It has been proven over and over that when a new library is built, or an old one renovated, the neighborhood and often the entire community benefits. Once the new library is completed, wouldn’t it be great if an entrepreneur stepped in and turned the Masonic Temple into a downtown attraction.

In the meantime we are gathering signatures to put the 1/4% county wide sales tax on the ballot.We have gathered over a thousand signatures as I write this blog. Our goal is 1,700. They need to be turned into the county auditor by Wednesday, September 3.

If you would like to help gather signatures, or, if you want to sign a petition, give me a call at 252-2217, or email me at