Library Story

Library Story: Louis L’Amour, Alfred Dickey Free Public Library

These are quotes from the opening pages of Education of a Wandering Man, Bantam Books, 1938.

“Education is available to anyone within reach of a library.” Page 2

“All of us had library cards and they were always in use. Reading was as natural to us as breathing.” Page 6

“The first (non-fiction book) was, I believe, a book called The Genius of Solitude, which I found in our Alfred Dickey library in my hometown.” Pages 13-14.

Louis L’Amour was born in Jamestown, ND in 1908. By the time of his death in 1988, he had written 89 novels, a book of poetry, 14 short-story collections and two full length works of non-fiction. There are more than 200 million copies of his books in print. More than 45 of his novels have been adapted for Hollywood and TV.