Adult Programming

November Adult Programs at the Library


                                      TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2015 , 6 pm                                     LEARN 2 EMAIL JUSTIN BATZ

Justin Batz16 x 9

The second adult program of the Modern Computing Series takes place on November 17th. Justin Batz will walk those who sign up through the process of establishing their very first email accounts and show them the basics of using Email. For the first time in the Modern Computing Series, Justin will deviate from providing content mainly for the auditory learner and provide some hands-on time for those who are visual or must do it themselves. The expectation for this class is that if you do not currently have an email before attending you will when the Adult Program is over and will be able to access your email, add contacts and reply to those who have emailed you.

Modern Computing classes are held at the Stutsman County Library, 910 5th St. SE. Park behind the library and enter through the south door.