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Preliminary Plan New James River Valley Library

During our blog hiatus, we have been working diligently on the new plans to renovate Alfred Dickey and build an addition on the current Maple Mall and Maranatha properties. The addition will reflect the beauty of the stone and brick Alfred Dickey exterior. Those renderings will be available shortly. The new design will honor the past by keeping the integrity of the current Alfred Dickey building and embrace the future with a state of the art addition.

It has been proven over and over that when a new library is built, or an old one renovated, the neighborhood and often the entire community benefits. Once the new library is completed, wouldn’t it be great if an entrepreneur stepped in and turned the Masonic Temple into a downtown attraction.

In the meantime we are gathering signatures to put the 1/4% county wide sales tax on the ballot.We have gathered over a thousand signatures as I write this blog. Our goal is 1,700. They need to be turned into the county auditor by Wednesday, September 3.

If you would like to help gather signatures, or, if you want to sign a petition, give me a call at 252-2217, or email me at